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Good news for newlyweds -- the divorce rate is dropping

You might be going through divorce proceedings, and the idea of getting married again might be far from your mind right now. However, there is good news for those who get married again. Right now, the divorce rate in the United States is lower than it's been in approximately four decades. Furthermore, it looks like more people than ever have been tying the knot in the last five years.

Last year marked the third consecutive year that United States divorce figures have lowered according to a recent study published by Bowling Green State University's National Center for Family and Marriage Research. According to statistics. For every 1,000 married females aged 15 and up there were 14.9 divorces. This figure rose to 23 in 1980. Now, in 2015, the figure has dropped to 16.9 per every 1,000, which is lower than it was in the mid-70s.

How apps can protect you from false sexual assault claims

Being accused of sexual assault you didn't commit is a devastating experience. While you may know that you didn't commit the crime, sometimes your accusers are able to succeed when sufficient precautions aren't taken. You can avoid this type of situation by remembering some tips on how to protect yourself from unfounded sexual assault allegations. One way to take precautions is utilizing apps that promote the importance of consent. 

How to talk to your future spouse about a prenuptial agreement

There are so many sound and logical reasons why two spouses should sign a prenuptial agreement before tying the knot. In fact, considering the high percentage of marriages that end in divorce, it makes sense that all marriages should have a prenuptial agreement signed prior to the day they say "I do." However, prenuptial agreements are still viewed with a stigma, causing some couples to have reservations about talking about them. Here's what you can do:

Let's say that one day you may receive a sizable inheritance and your parents advise you that it's best to draw up a prenuptial agreement with your soon-to-be spouse. The fact is, prenups are more common than you might think, and they're not only used by wealthy men to keep "gold-diggers" at bay. Because many spouses are getting married later in life these days, many of them have savings accounts and retirement accounts with significant assets. A prenup is a great way to protect these assets.

Easy ways to stop your guests from driving drunk

It's the holiday season and the time when family and friends love to get together and party. Whether it's a Saturday afternoon college football game or a family party exchanging Christmas gifts, if alcohol is served, you may want to be responsible about helping your guests get home. The penalty for a DUI can include jail time, license suspension, penalties and fines, and you want to protect your guests from those consequences by helping them make smart decisions, particularly when they are under the influence of alcohol. When your guests leave your home after a party, encourage them to stay safe in these easy ways.

Divorce for gay couples in Illinois

The only downside to the federal government's legalization of gay marriage is the fact that when people get married, the relationship doesn't always work out and sometimes they get divorced. It's sad when a union of love comes to an end, and it can also be a stressful and emotionally harrowing experience. This is true no matter if the couple is gay, straight or transgender.

At the Borsberry Law Offices, we try to help spouses exit their marriages in a way that is dignified, peaceful and respectful. While we know that this is not always possible if the other spouse is unwilling to cooperate or come to a fair agreement on important issues, it is often the case that the divorce attorneys on either side can do a great deal to ensure their clients' smooth transitions into being single again.

5 tips to emotionally surviving divorce

When a marriage ends, the emotional toll taken on both parties is huge. If there are children involved, the process can b e even more difficult. As you are there for your children to help them understand what is happening in their family, you must stay strong yourself. Getting through a divorce can be one of the hardest things a man or woman can experience. The following five tips can help you emotionally survive a divorce with a happy, healthy outlook on life intact.

What important things should I do in my divorce?

There's a lot of advice circling around the Internet and among family and friends about what divorcing spouses should and shouldn't do during their legal process. This article will focus on the "do's" of divorce, and specific things that all Illinois spouses should strive to do while dissolving their marriages.

Be reasonable and try to reach an accord. When you're not reaching an agreement easily with your soon-to-be ex, take a pause, and see if the area of disagreement is worth the extra time and stress or if it's possible to let it go and reach a compromise.

How prevalent is junk science in criminal court?

Our U.S. legal system is built on a foundation of protecting our rights. Unfortunately, junk science continues to adversely affect our lives and rights, according to The President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. In some cases the facts are being distorted as a result of junk science in the criminal courts. Concerns have mounted as prosecutors attempt to persuade jury decisions with what some believe to be insufficient evidence. The fact remains that the court's authority is limited to issues of law. It has little influence on the type of evidence or witness.

Junk science in criminal courts is often a practice of measuring and deciphering patterns. Pattern matching is part of the forensic process of criminal convictions. The problem with pattern accuracy is the degree of severity, causing the evidence to be questionable. Cases in the court systems comprised of evidentiary errors include matching DNA samples, shoe prints and firearm mark analysis. As a result of these errors, case verdicts are being reversed.

Wife wants part of exonerated man's $20 million settlement

A recently freed man who was wrongfully convicted of raping and murdering an 11-year-old girl has received a $20 million wrongful conviction settlement in Lake County. However, he had to suffer the indignity and suffering of 20 years in prison before he received the exoneration and eventual settlement following the discovery of DNA evidence that cleared him.

The man later sued multiple law enforcement agencies, which resulted in the $20 million settlement last year. His lawyers advertised the settlement as the largest wrongful conviction payout in Illinois history. After attorneys' fees and taxes, the man retained $11.4 million of the settlement.

Illinois expands protections for juvenile defendants

Advocates for juvenile justice are cheering several new Illinois laws will reform the juvenile justice system to protect the rights of juvenile defendants, remove some mandatory minimum probation periods and allow records to be expunged in more cases.

Here are three new laws that will go in effect Jan. 1, 2017:

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