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There’s nothing more stressful than handling a DUI. In Illinois, if fully sentenced, you risk hefty fines, a license suspension and even potential jail time. For this reason, it’s best to find proper representation through a DUI attorney in Pekin IL. For example, a law firm like Borsberry Law can work to ensure you’re treated fairly by the justice system.

At Borsberry Law, we have the skill necessary to handle your case. With over 23 years of experience, we cover hundreds of cases for individuals across Central Illinois. We evaluate each we receive and help clients come to the best conclusions based on their situation.

What Doors Can an Attorney Open?

You limit yourself by choosing to handle your DUI without help. Although you may receive a public defender for your court date, they often cannot do much to assist. Instead, opt for a DUI attorney to find you more options for your case.

  • Plea Bargain
    • The court will work on sentencing you with as harsh a punishment as possible, even if you’re a first-time offender or your infractions are minor. A DUI lawyer can instead help secure a plea bargain, meaning you plead guilty in exchange for a reduced sentence.
  • Case Dismissal
    • While not always possible, there are situations where the court will dismiss your DUI. This scenario arises when a court finds there to be negligence in alcohol testing or the arrest process. The only way you can discover discrepancies is if you have an attorney working on your case.
  • Innocence
    • If you know you weren’t drinking and were still charged with a DUI, the proper lawyer can prove your innocence. A false DUI test can be the result of a faulty testing device, your diet, medical conditions you may have, a discrepancy between your BAC and your alleged level of impairment and more.
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If you need more than a DUI attorney in Pekin IL, you’re in luck. Borsberry Law handles many cases in multiple areas of law. Led by attorney Joseph M. Borsberry, our team of professionals specializes in:

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