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Don’t Handle Your Case Without a DUI Lawyer in Pekin IL

After receiving a DUI, all you’ll want to do is put it past you. However, if you don’t have the proper representation, a DUI can affect you much longer and more severely than you’d expect. To get the best possible outcome from your case, hire the DUI lawyer of Pekin IL, Borsberry Law.

At Borsberry Law, we work closely with our clients to ensure their rights are not infringed on. For 23 years we’ve helped locals across the Central Illinois area get the representation they need. Whether looking to prove your innocence or wanting a reduced sentence, our attorneys will assess your case and offer available solutions.

When Do You Need Help?

Every person’s DUI case is unique, and each requires individual care. However, at what point does your DUI warrant for the assistance of a professional attorney?

  • First Time Offence – If the concept of getting a DUI is new to you, the whole process can be challenging to navigate. By hiring a lawyer, you can alleviate some of that initial confusion.
  • Multiple Offenses – Not your first DUI? We won’t judge. If you know the repercussions of another DUI are too much to handle, a lawyer can help to lessen your punishment potentially.
  • Treated Unfairly – If you feel you were mistreated during your arrest or even think you’re innocent, don’t take your DUI lying down. Hire an attorney to fight for your rights.
  • Looking for a Deal – By letting your case go all the way to court, a judge can charge you to the fullest extent of the law. A DUI lawyer can work to get you a potential plea deal instead.
  • Anytime – Truthfully, if at any point you receive a DUI, under any circumstance and for any reason, you need representation. A DUI attorney can help your case immensely.
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Get More with Borsberry Law

Aside from offering the DUI lawyer Pekin IL locals go to, Borsberry Law handles a variety of other cases. Our team of attorneys specialize in many areas of law and can provide counsel or assistance in areas such as:

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