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Find Legal Protection Through Restraining Orders in Peoria IL

Do you find yourself the victim of consistent harassment or abuse from one or several individuals? Or, perhaps you’re looking to keep yourself and your children out of harm’s way from an abusive ex? In Illinois, there are legal routes available to protect you from abusive partners or parties. Depending on your situation, Borsberry Law Office would recommend restraining orders in Peoria IL to keep you and your loved ones safe.

What Does a Restraining Order Do?

As a victim of abuse or harassment, a restraining order is a legal method you can pursue to protect you from the abuser or harasser. Ultimately, a restraining order is a legal document that requires offending parties to cease all contact with you. If they violate this order, they risk fines, criminal charges and possible jail time.

Different Restraining Orders

There are several main types of restraining orders in Illinois: domestic violence, no stalking, civil no contact, and firearm. To ensure you are properly protected, your attorney will discuss your case with you and determine which order will best fit your situation.

  • Domestic Violence Order of Protection
    • In terms of family, the definition encompasses many parties (spouses, ex-spouses, children, roommates, dating, etc.) for matters of domestic violence. If you or your children are the victims of domestic violence by a mentioned party who is or has been a part of your household, you can seek an order of protection.
  • No Stalking Order of Protection
    • Stalking falls under “harassment” in terms of what can stipulate a restraining order. If an individual or multiple individuals continue to follow, survey, observe or contact you in a threatening manner, you have the right to an order of protection. Furthermore, the harassment must be consistent, and its conduct must be reasonable cause for emotional distress or fear.
  • Civil No Contact Order of Protection
    • For victims of sexual abuse, such as nonconsensual sexual conduct, you have a right to a civil no-contact order of protection. By submitting evidence of sexual misconduct of another party to a court, you can receive a restraining order against the opposite party. Additionally, this order does not have to be criminal in nature if you can provide evidence of the offending party’s responsibility for your abuse.
  • Firearm Restraining Order
    • Rather than targeting contact between individuals, a firearm restraining order bars contact between individuals and guns of any kind. Such an order is applicable if the alleged person of the order is believed to be a danger to themselves or others if they have a firearm.
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