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How to Deal with a Contested Divorce in Peoria IL

When you and your spouse exhaust all other options for recourse, divorce might be your last option. And while we never wish to see a relationship end in divorce, it sometimes is the best course of action. Especially if there are issues you cannot resolve between you and your significant other. A worse scenario yet is when you cannot agree to the terms of a divorce, and it devolves into a contested divorce. If such a scenario arises, you’ll need professional help to assist in settling your contested divorce in Peoria IL. And Borsberry Law is just the law office for the job.

At Borsberry Law, we understand how stressful any separation can be. There are many factors to consider with divorce, and it can take a great deal to negotiate for the best possible outcome. Thankfully, with the help of our attorneys, you have a legal advocate to support a fair separation between you and your spouse. Even if a divorce turns hostile and negotiations come to a halt, our divorce attorneys are there to help you push through.

What Your Attorney Can Take Care Of

In any contested (or uncontested) divorce, an attorney will take charge of the proceedings. From filing paperwork to negotiating terms for child custody, we can guide your separation to a conclusion that you can be happy with.

  • Debt & Property Allocation
    • Upon separation, it’s our job to determine how you divide debt and property. It comes down to two types of property and debt: separate and community. Separate property is anything you had before going into the marriage or directly acquired via inheritance or gifts and is your responsibility. Community property is anything you and your spouse acquired during the marriage and will be equally divided between the two of you.
  • Child Custody & Visitation Rights
    • If you have children, it can be a struggle over who should be their guardian, how their time should be divided between parents, etc. Child custody and visitation rights are perhaps one of the most contentious parts of any divorce. In the likelihood your case ends up in court over how to handle the care of your children, we will present your side in the best possible light. Either we position you as the best choice for custody or ensure you retain rights for decision making and visitation.
  • Potential Alimony
    • Not every divorce results in alimony for one of the spouses. However, it is a possibility and one we can prepare you to work through. If you qualify for any alimony or spousal support under Illinois law, we will help you secure what’s necessary. Some alimony types are only temporary, meant to get you through financially while the divorce process is ongoing. Other alimony types can support you for longer if a court finds you are being left in dire financial straights due to your separation.
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Our Additional Legal Services

While a contested divorce in Peoria IL can be a messy legal process, it isn’t the only legal matter we assist our clients with. For example, we cover practice areas, including:

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