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Do What’s Best with Child Custody Lawyers in Peoria IL

After any separation, doing what’s best for your children should always be your top concern. Especially when issues of custody and support arise, you should have a plan and know how your child fits into that plan. For some parents, it’s easy to decide on custody, and they can continue life raising their children as usual. However, not every divorce is applicable, and where your kids go can sometimes become a point of contention. To handle such a situation, child custody lawyers in Peoria IL are best for the job. Thus, you’ll want to contact Borsberry Law right away.

Joseph Borsberry of Borsberry Law Offices PC has been practicing law in Central Illinois for over 23 years. He and his team have incredible experience handling all variety of family law cases, child custody battles being one of them. From settling disputes of child support to helping get children out of dangerous situations, we’ve seen it all. Together, our legal professionals can help construct a strong case for your side, and ensure your children are always properly taken care of.

When a Custody Lawyer Should Get Involved

Not every child custody scenario requires the help of an attorney. Some parents can agree to joint custody on their own terms. However, when animosity seeps into the child custody discussions, it may be wise to give Borsberry Law a call.

  • Going Through the Paperwork
    • It is possible to separate and share custody of your child without formally doing any of the legal paperwork involved. However, to protect yourself and the best interests of your child in the future, it’s a smart idea to set some legal parameters for custody through a judge. And if paperwork isn’t your strong suit, a custody attorney can do the job for you.
  • Plenty of Disagreements
    • Perhaps your separation wasn’t without hostility, and now you’re fighting with your ex about the proper way to raise your child. In these scenarios, ensure custody and support can be fairly agreed on with the help of a lawyer. A child custody lawyer can help prove why you’re the best parent to raise your child or help achieve a fair visitation schedule and child support budget for co-parenting.
  • Putting Your Children First
    • While we understand your children mean the world to you, it can be easy to lose sight of the big picture when arguing with your ex. Allow a custody attorney to be the neutral party and voice of reason between you and the opposite party. We will always make suggestions for your custody agreement based on what we think to be best for your kids. Additionally, we will advise you on what to do and not do in the lead up to a potential court battle, in which we can represent you.
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We Take Your Case Seriously

Nothing matters more to us than ensuring the best for you and your family. As child custody lawyers for Peoria IL, we help you achieve your goals in regards to child support, custody battles and more. Furthermore, we offer a variety of other legal services regarding family law. For example, we assist or clients with:

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