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Criminal Defense
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Call Borsberry Immediately for Criminal Defense Peoria IL Can Turn To

When faced with an arrest for a crime, or even initial questioning by police, it’s imperative that you can remain silent about the events in question. Next, you should call Borsberry Law Offices to secure legal representation. Do NOT speak to the police or anyone else about the events until you do so. You could irreparably damage your case if you say more than you should. Decisions about perceived guilt or innocence can be made quite quickly by law enforcement. Don’t find yourself on the wrong side at this early stage in the game. Being charged with a criminal offense in Peoria IL is no laughing matter. That’s why you need quality criminal defense Peoria IL residents can turn to. Whether being charged with misdemeanors or felonies, call Borsberry Law for legal support ASAP.

Your Rights

The words of the Miranda warning are absolutely true: “What you say can and will be used against you.” Even before you are charged with a crime, don’t discuss the case with anyone. If asked questions by police, simply say “I’m not going to answer your questions until I speak to Borsberry.” Never assume that if you explain your situation, the police will let you go. Truth is, the police can arrest you without proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Yes, they have a right to attempt to question witnesses when they feel a crime has been committed. However, you have the right to consult with a criminal law attorney before speaking about the events at hand.

Here is what you should do if arrested or feel you are facing imminent arrest. RESPECTFULLY:

  • Ask to speak to your attorneys immediately.
  • Tell the officer you are not going to answer any questions.
  • Remain silent.

Criminal Law Topics

Examples of crimes and cases we cover include:

  • Sex Crimes – Offenses involving illegal or coerced sexual conduct against an individual are considered sex crimes. Crimes of this nature include rape, child molestation, lewd conduct, prostitution and others.
  • Theft – The taking of someone else’s property without their consent and with the intention of depriving them of it permanently is theft. Basic theft is known as larceny, but other crimes include robbery, burglary, shoplifting and auto theft.
  • Drug Crimes – The possession, sale, trafficking and usage of illegal substances are drug crimes. The severity of these crimes varies based on the amount of a drug, the level of harmfulness, what the intentions were for the drug and any previous drug-related crimes on your record.
  • Violent Crimes – Some of the most severe criminal offenses are violent crimes. Some violent crimes fall into other categories, like robbery or rape. Other examples of violent crimes include assault, battery, manslaughter, murder, arson and kidnapping.
  • Domestic Crimes – Psychological, physical or sexual abuse that one directs towards spouses, partners or children in your household are domestic crimes. Often, someone accused of a domestic crime will also receive charges for crimes like assault, battery, rape, etc.
  • Gun Crimes – Possessing or shooting firearms without the proper registrations or permits are issues that fall under gun crimes. However, more serious gun crimes often coincide with other violent crimes, such as robbery or homicide.
  • Traffic Violations – More frequent than other crimes, traffic crimes cover a broad range of incidents. A traffic crime can be as simple as a parking or speeding ticket. Although, the severity of the crime increases due to previous record and the recklessness of the driver.
  • DUI Defense – Another, more serious traffic crime are DUIs. DUIs include drinking and driving and driving while under the influence of drugs. However, there is sometimes a chance to overturn DUI offenses if an arresting officer mishandles your case or sobriety can be proven.

Contact Borsberry Law for Criminal Defense in Peoria IL

When you find yourself being questioned by police about criminal acts that have taken place, your first call should be to Borsberry Law Offices at 309-637-9000. We will give you a free initial consultation. Until then, refrain from speaking to police until you do this. We are located right at 203 NE. Jefferson, Peoria, IL 61602, across the street from the Peoria County Court House.