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Criminal Defense
Criminal Defense

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When faced with an arrest for a crime, or even initial questioning by police, it’s imperative that you can remain silent about the events in question. Next, you should call Borsberry Law Offices to secure legal representation. Do NOT speak to the police or anyone else about the events until you do so. You could irreparably damage your case if you say more than you should. Decisions about perceived guilt or innocence can be made quite quickly by law enforcement. Don’t find yourself on the wrong side at this early stage in the game. Charged with criminal defense Peoria IL is no laughing matter. That’s why you need quality criminal defense Peoria IL can turn to.

Your Rights

The words of the Miranda warning are absolutely true: “what you say can and will be used against you.” Even before you are charged with a crime, don’t discuss the case with anyone. If asked questions by police, simply say “I’m not going to answer your questions until I speak to Borsberry.” Never assume that if you explain your situation, the police will let you go. Truth is, the police can arrest you without proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Yes, they have a right to attempt to question witnesses when they feel a crime has been committed. However, you have the right to consult with a criminal law lawyer before speaking about the events at hand.

Criminal Defense

Here is what you should do if arrested or feel you are facing imminent arrest. RESPECTFULLY:

  • Ask to speak to your attorneys immediately.
  • Tell the officer you are not going to answer any questions.
  • Remain silent.

Your first step is to call us and we will guide you from there. In addition to criminal defense services, we handle other areas of family law, including:

Contact Borsberry Law for Criminal Defense in Peoria IL

When you find yourself being questioned by police about criminal acts that have taken place, your first call should be to Borsberry Law Offices at 309-637-9000. We will give you a free initial consultation. Until then, refrain from speaking to police until you do this. We are located right in Peoria IL 411 Hamilton Blvd., Suite 1510.