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Borsberry Law is the Domestic Abuse Attorney Peoria IL Can Trust

Stressful times can make decision making difficult. But if you’re looking for a domestic abuse attorney in Peoria IL, you need to be able to move without delay. At Borsberry Law, we’ve helped many clients through this process and can be there for you as you navigate it. Our experience with hundreds of these types of cases have helped us to know the Illinois Domestic Violence Act backwards and forwards. Led by Joseph M. Borsberry, our team will bring all their experience to your case so that you can have a safe and fair outcome.

Decades of Experience

Joseph M. Borsberry has been practicing law in Central Illinois for more than 23 years. He obtained his Juris Doctor Degree from DePaul University and his Bachelors in Criminal Sciences from Illinois State University. These degrees gave him the knowledge and experience to begin his practice. Today, the Borsberry Law team concentrates on matters of family law, criminal, juvenile, and traffic court. His experience is so respected he’s been asked to lecture on Illinois family law issues to lawyers and judges for the Bar Association and multiple colleges.

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In addition, his experience with family law has led to him being appointed several times as guardian ad litem. His vast experiences as a public defender or volunteer for Chicago volunteer legal services and others has given him varied experience. It lets you know he’ll be able to understand your case.

We Are Ready to Help

Whether you already know you need an order of protection or you’re looking for someone to help you decide what the best path forward is, our team at Borsberry Law is ready to be your domestic abuse attorney Peoria IL. We can help you sort out how these issues affect you. Whether you’re also needing divorce or custody and visitation services, we can help you win your case and move forward knowing you’re safe.

Get in Touch

We know every minute you wait is another minute you keep yourself open to abuse. Call us today for a free consultation at 309-637-9000. And since we know not everyone is safe to call, we offer a 24-hour chat feature on our website so that you can securely ask questions as you determine your first steps. We look forward to help you win your case.