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A man illegally purchasing a firearm, one of many Gun Crimes in Peoria IL

Find the Right Representation for Gun Crimes in Peoria IL

As individuals, we can sometimes make mistakes. However, one mistake shouldn’t ruin your life. As an American citizen and a resident of Illinois, you have specific rights reserved to you. And truthfully, folks just like you are often charged with gun crimes in Peoria IL, before their side of the story can be told. Thus, you need a law firm like Borsberry Law Office to let your voice be heard.

The Types of Gun Laws

Gun crimes range from minor to severe, depending on the charges. If you find yourself accused of violating any of the below laws, contact Borsberry Law immediately to set up an appointment with our criminal defense team.

  • Gun Regulation – Laws about gun ownership and possession fall under the subset of gun regulation laws. For example, some laws pertain to firearm registration, carrying guns on your person, the sort of guns you can own, etc.
  • Gun Trafficking – If you are buying or selling firearms that were not legally obtained or didn’t have proper registration, this can be considered gun trafficking and comes with steep penalties.
  • Gun Numbers – Even if you obtained your firearms legally and through the proper channels, there’s still a limit on what you can own in the state of Illinois. If you exceed that limit, you might be suspected of “stockpiling” guns, which is a criminal offense.
  • Death and Injury – The most severe gun crimes are related to gun violence towards others. Whether intentional or not, gun death or injury is about as severe as gun crimes for Peoria IL can go.

How Illinois Regulates Guns and Protects Legal Gun Owners

Illinois puts a lot of emphasis on gun crimes and gun control, with some of the strictest gun-related laws in the US. To better understand local gun laws and how you are abiding by (or violating) them, here are a few examples of regulations in the state:

  • Waiting periods for buying guns
  • Open carry regulations
  • Universal background checks
  • Minimum age for purchase
  • Child access prevention
  • Firearm restraining orders
  • And more
A gavel next to handcuffs and a gun, related to Gun Crimes in Peoria IL

How Borsberry Can Help

Gun violations, in many cases, aren’t malicious and are sometimes a result of not knowing or misunderstanding Illinois gun laws. Other times, what you are doing with your firearms can be misconstrued as something worse than what it is. For such scenarios, Borsberry Law is ready to defend your rights in court. You have rights as a gun owner, and those rights should never be infringed on. And even if you are accused of more severe gun crimes in Peoria IL, you deserve representation to present your side of the story.

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