Criminal Defense Peoria IL

Looking for Help with Criminal Defense in Peoria IL?

The Borsberry Law Offices PC will fight to protect your rights and build your best criminal defense in Peoria IL. Attorney Joseph M. Borsberry has more than 23 years of trial experience in criminal court. He can find weaknesses in the case against you, collect evidence, gather testimony, and use his knowledge of current case law to inform your defense strategy. Our firm can help with the following kinds of cases involving criminal defense in Peoria IL.

Criminal Defense Peoria IL

We are proud that our firm consistently earns some of the most positive feedback on customer testimonials among local criminal defense lawyers. We make your case a priority and work hard to bring you the results you deserve. Contact Borsberry Law now to request a free consultation to discuss the circumstances surrounding your case.

What Should I Do During an Arrest?

It is critically important to remember that you have the right to remain silent when you are being arrested. Being arrested for a crime is a stressful, emotional, and scary experience. As a result, it is easy to make mistakes in statements to police that could be used against you in a trial or to incriminate yourself. The first step in building the best criminal defense in Peoria IL is making sure you do not help the prosecution’s case against you by speaking to police without an attorney present. Here are steps to take if you are being arrested:

  • Do Not Resist Arrest – Remain calm and do not resist being arrested by law enforcement. Any attempt to fight or resist arrest can lead to more charges against you and hurt your case.
  • Remain Silent – Invoke your right to remain silent. Tell the police officer that you want to speak with your lawyer before making a statement.
  • Contact Borsberry Law – Request a notification be made to Borsberry Law that you need to speak with a lawyer.
  • Document Relevant Details for Your Lawyer – If you are able, write down details about the arrest to provide to our criminal defense attorney. Be sure to include any relevant details you remember about the incident, the names and badge numbers of the police officers involved, and names of witnesses who could help your case.
  • Stay Off Social Media – Following the arrest, resist the urge to post any comments, threats, or statements about the incident on any form of social media. These statements can also be used against you.

Why Do I Need an Attorney if I am Innocent?

There is a lot at stake if you are facing criminal charges. Your freedom, your financial matters, your reputation, and your future all are affected by the outcome of your case. So, it is important to get the help you need to build your best criminal defense in Peoria IL. The Borsberry Law Offices PC can provide you with a criminal defense lawyer with more than 23 years of experience with cases just like yours. Most importantly, we can help you receive the results you deserve by handling the following important duties:

Criminal Defense Peoria IL
  • Identifying Weak Spots in the Case Against You
    • Law enforcement can make mistakes when gathering evidence or testimony against you. If that happens, our experienced criminal defense attorney can get that evidence against you thrown out.
    • Our attorney also understands how to spot weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and how to use recent case law findings to help build your best defense strategy.
  • Gathering Evidence and Testimony
    • We can also help you build your defense by collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, and using expert witness testimony in your favor.
  • Protecting Your Rights
    • What you do not know about the law can hurt you and go against you if you try to represent yourself. Therefore, you can take an important step to protecting your rights by hiring our criminal defense attorney.
  • Trial Experience
    • Our criminal defense attorney will use his knowledge of how local judges and prosecutors have handled cases like yours in the past to provide a strategy that will bring you the best outcome.

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Have you been arrested recently? Are you currently facing criminal charges? If so, the Borsberry Law Offices PC can provide you with a lawyer to help build your best criminal defense in Peoria IL. Contact us online or call 309-637-9000 to request a free consultation. Trust only Borsberry Law to help you achieve the best possible result for your case.