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Accused of Violent Crimes in East Peoria IL? Call Borsberry

Accusations of violent crimes in East Peoria IL must be taken seriously. If you don’t make an effort to have charges reduced or dropped, you can face steep fines and extensive jailtime. Especially in cases where you believe you&’ve been wrongly accused of a crime, you need the support of a local legal professional. Thankfully, Borsberry Law has incredible experience in criminal law and has dealt with dozens of cases of the “violent” variety. Call us today to discuss your legal options.

What Are Violent Crimes?

To best define violent crimes, it&’s any illegal action an individual takes that harms, damages, or threatens either towards individuals and property. Here are several examples of crimes classified as violent:

  • Armed Robbery – Any attempt (successful or otherwise) to threaten or coerce an individual or business into handing over money or valuables.
  • Arson – The act of setting fire or using explosives on a piece of property to cause damage to the structure or harm to those inside.
  • Murder – The unlawful killing of someone done with malicious intent.
  • Battery Instigating violence against others with the intention of causing injury. The severity of battery changes based on the use of a weapon, the extent of injury, etc.
  • Sexual Assault The sexual penetration of a victim without their consent or under force or threat of force. Such sex crimes also include the assault of a minor or someone the perpetrator holds in trust or authority.
  • Kidnapping – Abducting a person and confining them against their will using force or threat of force.

Potential Penalties

While the vast majority of violent crimes in East Peoria IL are felonies, the severity sometimes warrants less severe penalties. For example, in cases where someone threatens violence or harm and damage is minimal, a misdemeanor charge is sufficient. Misdemeanors usually come with a max of one year of jail time and a few thousand dollars in fines. However, for crimes such as kidnapping, sexual assault or murder, jail sentences range from a minimum of three years to a maximum of life.

What Can Borsberry Do?

If facing charges of a violent crime, be sure to contact Borsberry Law right away. We’ll sit down with you, discuss the crime and the circumstances surrounding it, and present the best legal defense to reach an optimal result for your case. Examples of legal defenses for some violent crimes include:

Police responding to Violent Crimes in East Peoria IL
  • Alibi – Were you somewhere else when the crime was committed? Do you have the capability of such an offense? Using evidence and testimony, we can work to disprove the case of your guilt.
  • Mistaken Identity – Are you being blamed for the actions of others? Evidence and reports can get to the bottom of who&’s truly responsible for the violence committed.
  • Self-Defense – Were you put in a scenario where you were forced to defend yourself? An argument can be made that any harm or injury was only caused in self-defense.
  • Mental Disability – Psychological and mental disabilities can impact how you interact with others or inhibit your understanding of the consequences of actions.

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