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Turn Custody Law in East Peoria IL in Your Favor

The days leading up to or following a divorce are especially harrowing. Emotions are high, and tensions are flared. However, it’s important to stay focused on what’s best for your children. And if you’re worried your ex-spouse cannot adequately provide for your kids, you need to prepare for a fight over custody. And Borsberry Law is just the law firm to assist you with custody law in East Peoria IL.

At Borsberry Law, we understand the importance of custody and visitation rights for not just yourself but your children. With over 23 years of experience as a family lawyer for the Greater Peoria Area, Joseph Borsberry dedicates time and care to every custody case he takes. You can be confident in a positive result with Borsberry Law on your side.

Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Case

The first step to tipping a custody battle to your advantage is to hire the services of Borsberry Law. An attorney supporting your side can drastically improve your chances of winning custody. However, here are a few more steps we recommend:

  • Clean Up Online Presence – Everybody has a presence on social media nowadays. And although your online profile can be vastly different from how you behave in real life, a judge might not see it that way. Thus, its essential to clean up your online presence right at the start.
  • No Badmouthing – If you have something mean to say about an ex-spouse, keep it to yourself. Children hear (and retain) anything you say. Keeping a case civil ensures you have a better chance at winning custody.
  • No Undue Influencing – Some may believe influencing their children on who’s the better parent will help their custody chances. The fact of the matter is it won’t. A judge can see through instances of influence for most cases.
  • Be Your Best Self – You already know you’re a good parent and are perfectly capable of taking care of your children. However, trying to adjust your parenting style on the fly to win “brownie points” for a judge doesn’t help. Be honest and straightforward not only with a judge but your children. It’s the job of your attorney to show you in the best possible light.
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Other Ways Our Team Can Help

Beyond assisting our clients with custody law in East Peoria IL, we provide various services centered around other facets of family law. For example, our other practices include:

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