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Secure Your Rights for Child Visitation in Peoria IL

After any separation, emotions can be high between you and an ex-spouse. However, you still have a right to be a parent to your child. And securing that right might be the most important thing you can do during or after a divorce. Thus, you need the assistance of a visitation attorney like Borsberry Law. We can help ensure visitation in East Peoria IL is fair to you and your children.

Borsberry Law works incredibly hard to make sure you and your spouse agree on a visitation plan that works for everyone, especially your children. As a family lawyer with over 23 years of experience, Joseph M. Borsberry has helped his clients see incredible success in negotiations with sometimes adversarial parties. We don’t judge you but represent you and your loved ones zealously.

Leave the Visitation Planning to an Attorney

You might believe planning visitation times are straightforward. However, there’s more to consider in a visitation schedule than you might first think. So, to avoid oversights or pitfalls as they come up, allow an attorney to plan ahead.

  • Important Dates
    • What happens when your first holiday comes up, but you don’t have visitation with your child for that week? If you’re okay with switching off holidays, this might not be an issue for you. But if celebrating Thanksgiving or Christmas with your child is important to you, an attorney can help plan a schedule where both parents can share respective festivities with their children.
  • A Strict Schedule
    • Many parents believe a fluid visitation schedule is best for raising their children. And while it may work for some, there are severe disadvantages to not having a plan in place. Make sure a schedule is in writing with the help of our visitation attorney.
  • Keeping Each Other Accountable
    • If you get along well with your ex-spouse, accountability might not be an issue you need to worry about. However, for more contentious break-ups, having a lawfully-bound schedule in place might be the best option to ensure all parties abide by it. For example, if one parent brings a child out of town without the other parent’s consent, you can take legal action to ensure that doesn’t happen again.
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Legal Help with Family Matters

Visitation in East Peoria IL is only one aspect of family law that Borsberry Law covers. Our team can handle numerous legal matters involving your family. For example, our practice areas include:

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