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Looking for a Smooth Separation? Hire an East Peoria IL Divorce Attorney

A divorce can be stressful for everyone involved. And while you’re willing to handle the time and frustration that can accompany a divorce, this isn’t something you should put your family and children through. Thus, for as smooth of a separation as possible, you need the help of an East Peoria IL divorce attorney from Borsberry Law.

What Our Attorneys Can Do

Don’t shoulder the burden of divorce by yourself. Allow our team of attorneys to handle your case’s details and be your guide throughout the process.

  • Negotiate a Fair Division of Assets
    • No matter how long you’ve been together with your spouse, there are likely assets tied up in both your names. If so, our attorneys can help negotiate a fair division of assets, such as property, stock options, 401Ks, debt and more.
  • Do What’s Best for Your Children
    • For any divorce involving children, we make sure to do what’s in their best interest. Ideally, you and the other parent can come to an agreement on how custody, visitation and child support will work. However, if there is contention or disagreement on what’s best for your children, we will help you reach the best possible outcome for all parties involved.
  • Represent You in Court
    • While some divorces end with both parties reaching an agreement out of court, some cases can become difficult to negotiate. If this occurs with your case, we will gladly represent your side of the divorce in court. Having us as your representation will allow you to present a complete and organized argument to convince a judge of what’s best for everyone.
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More about Borsberry

Our law office is led by Joseph Borsberry, who has practiced law in Central Illinois for more than 23 years. Using his experience of family law, criminal law, and more, our team helps to reach the best possible conclusions for your case. It’s a matter of getting to know our client’s desires to represent you best and advocate for your side.

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To learn more about our work as an East Peoria IL divorce attorney and how we can best assist your case, get in touch with Borsberry Law today. You can contact us at 309-637-9000 to schedule a free consultation. Also, we are located at 203 NE Jefferson St, Peoria, IL 61602.