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If every family situation were the same, we wouldn’t need attorneys to help resolve things. There would be the same simple solutions to the same challenges. Unfortunately, because human relationships and interpersonal dynamics can sometimes be complicated, confusing, and full of emotion, we often need legal help to assist in resolving them, everything from attorneys and paralegals to judges. Professionals in family law in East Peoria IL can guide individuals seeking to end their legally binding relationships.

The staff at Borsberry Law Office has seen situations where some couples try their best to dissolve their union. This can be done with as little animosity as possible, so both can move on with their lives. Other couples in other situations may be all about the retaliation. However, we do everything in our power to ensure a smooth and civil transition into a family separation.

The presence of children can complicate these situations further. Thus, it helps to have legal assistance from professionals knowledgeable about family law in East Peoria IL. Spouses with a relatively amicable divorce may have different needs and wants when discussing custody arrangements and child support options.

While a divorce might serve as the final, binding word between ex-spouses, a custody agreement may never quite feel finalized. There always remains the possibility that one or the other parties may request changing terms and conditions. These situations may require legal consultations, hearings in front of a judge, and possible modifications of orders.

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What We Do

At Borsberry Law Office, we’re familiar with the wide variety of circumstances and situations that could come up during custody and couple disputes. We know emotions can be high, but we look for ways to minimize stress and tension as much as possible. We promise our clients to be by their side from the initial consultation to a final decision, and beyond.

We’ll also be happy to explain the custody process from start to finish, so it makes sense to people who may be dealing with this for the first time. Members of our legal team have been working in family law in Peoria IL for years so we’re familiar with how the system works. We also can provide advice on actions and statements that can help the process forward.

If a parent’s personal or financial situation changes, or they believe that an ex-spouse isn’t meeting the end of the custody agreement, we also are willing to help address this.

For more information about family law options or to arrange a professional consultation, visit Borsberry Law Office, 203 NE. Jefferson, Peoria, IL 61602, across the street from the Peoria County Court House, or call (309) 869-0794.