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Receive Support and Guidance from a Local Criminal Lawyer in Peoria IL

When facing accusations of criminal intent, your first inclination is to defend yourself and explain your story. However, before you speak with anyone about criminal accusations against you, speak with a criminal lawyer for Peoria IL. While you have a right to have your side of an accusation heard, doing so in a controlled environment with the assistance of legal professionals is your best chance at having a judge take your side. Find the right legal representation for your case through the team at Borsberry Law Office.

How Can Retaining a Lawyer Help Your Case?

There’s no denying the boost your case can receive when represented by a professional attorney. However, a lawyer can do more than only advocate for you in court. After all, court appearances are only one of the many ways Borsberry Law can assist with your case. When you retain one of our criminal lawyers for Peoria IL, you can expect:

  • Thorough Investigations – When building a defense, our legal team must have a complete picture of a client’s case. To this end, we thoroughly investigate your case, uncovering any evidence and testimony beneficial for bolstering your defense.
  • Plea Deals – Based on the merits of your case, an attorney might suggest aiming for a plea deal. Borsberry Law’s attorneys are well-versed in plea deal negotiation, having helped countless individuals avoid jail time or outrageous fines without stepping into court.
  • Defense Planning – If a plea deal isn’t the route you take, preparing your defense becomes a top priority! Thankfully, the Borsberry team has extensive knowledge of Illinois criminal law. From bolstering your case to poking holes in the prosecutor’s, we will develop a theory of defense that will give you the best chance at a favorable case resolution.
  • Courtroom Procedure – Borsberry’s lawyers have spent plenty of time throughout Central Illinois’ various court systems. We are familiar with the attorneys and judges most likely to handle your case and have an in-depth understanding of courtroom etiquette and procedures unique to local cases. Allow Borsberry Law to be your advocate in court.
  • Unwavering Support – When you hire Borsberry Law Office, you can always rely on our unbiased, unwavering support. We guide criminal defendants through the process, answer any questions, and help reassure and educate friends and family related to the defendant or involved in the case.
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Professionals to Help Manage Your Legal Woes

There’s no doubt you need the support of a lawyer when up against criminal accusations. Borsberry Law’s legal team has assisted clients in the defense of various crimes, ensuring we have a lawyer suited for your unique case. Examples of crimes and cases we cover include:

However, Borsberry Law’ employs more than defense attorneys. In addition to our criminal law focus, Borsberry Law specializes in family law, helping families with legal issues involving divorce, child custody, juvenile law, etc.

Talk with an Attorney

If accused of a crime, don’t face said accusations alone! Ensure you have the support and legal guidance of an experienced, local criminal lawyer for Peoria IL. Give Borsberry Law Office’s defense attorneys a call! You can contact us at 309-637-9000. We are located at 203 NE Jefferson St, Peoria, IL 61602.